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# kLib-1.0 A small library of utility functions, primarily used for the `k-series` of addons by `Kulldam`. ## Installation - Place the `kLib` directory in your addon `libs` directory, as with any library. - Include the appropriate `kLib*.xml` files, based on which modules you wish to use, in your `embeds.xml` or directly in your `.toc` file, like so: - `kLib` is `AceAddon-3.0`-embeddable, so when specifying your `AceAddon-3.0`, embed the appropriate `kLib` modules, like so: ``` local addon = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon(ADDON_NAME, "kLib-1.0", "kLibColor-1.0", "kLibComm-1.0", "kLibItem-1.0", "kLibOptions-1.0") ``` ## Usage All `kLib` functions are embedded into your core addon, so referencing a method would use the colon-syntax. For example, the `ID` of an item can be obtained using `kLibItem-1.0` by using the `Item_Id` method: ``` local id = addon:Item_Id(myItem) ```


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