5,784 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 3, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

This addon shows how long it took for a queue to pop and how much time you have left to accept.

Also, it has the option to remove the "Leave Queue" button, so you don't accidentaly deny a queue (queue pops can still be denied via the right-click menu of the minimap-eye).

It was inspired by SafeQueue, but as that was not updated in a while and only supports arena/battleground queues, I completely rewrote the addon and added a few features and improvements.



  - supports all kinds of queues (arenas/battlegrounds, Ashran/brawls, random/specific dungeons, looking for raids etc)

  - supports simultaneous queues

  - queue times are still correct if you reload or relog

  - minimal performance impact (while you're not queued, this addon does nothing at all)



  - "/jit button x" hides or shows the "Leave Queue" button ('hide', 'show')

  - "/jit announce x" sets the output channel for queue times ('off', 'self' or 'group')

  - "/jit sound x" sets if queue pop sounds should be played even when sound is muted ('on' or 'off')

Running any of these commands without a value prints the current value for that setting.


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