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This addon displays information on all the stuff you are looting, while adding some more features to make farming stuff more enjoyable.

If you encounter any issues, please report them and they will be resolved as soon as possible!


  • For reagents, it shows how many the player has in total, aswell as how many just got looted.
  • For other items it provides the option to display info on looted items based on their rarity.
  • For currencies, it shows how much of that currency you looted and how much you have in total.
  • Shows reputation changes and displays a star when you earned a paragon reward.
  • Shows your current and maximum level in a skill when gaining a level in it on Classic.
  • Shows your current and maximum level in a profession when gaining a level in it on retail. (For some reason the WoW api only has a good way to read main professions, still looking for a way to read minor professions)
  • For money the amount you looted is displayed.
  • Supports any kind of loot source including normal looting, (world) quest rewards, the scrapper or entering a world quest which gives you an item to use.


Extra features:

  • includes fast autolooting like autolootplus, so you can disable alp (if enabled, the loot window will be prevented from flashing up when you loot)
  • can automatically cage all pets you own 3 times (see commands)
  • includes gold tracking, so you can check how much gold you earned since a specific time (see commands)
  • can hide nameplates while fishing
  • if you have your map open when looting and the map gets closed, it will be reopened Blizzard seem to have fixed this themselves
  • the default blizzard loot toasts can be hidden



  • all the different types of loot can be toggled separately
  • a minimum threshold for reputation gains can be set (to prevent spam when killing mobs that give reputation, e.g. in the Molten Core) 
  • items that shall always be displayed can be manually entered
  • manually entered items can be set as the only items displayed (e.g. when youre farming a specific item)
  • supports jewelcrafting gem chip colors this was removed in a code rework, but can be added back if there is feedback
  • messages can be hidden in arena to not cover the scoreboard
  • messages can be hidden on island expeditions to not cover the cheering window
  • all settings can be changed in the Interface Panel, no commands required



  • "/farmer cagepets" puts all pets you own 3 times in a cage
  • "/farmer gold" shows your gold difference since the last snapshot
  • "/farmer gold reset" resets the gold snapshot
  • "/farmer" opens the options panel
  • "/farmer move" enables moving the frame
  • "/farmer reset" resets the frames position


Feedback and ideas are always welcome!

Feel free to create issues for feature requests!

If you encounter a bug or an error, please open an issue via the "Issues" tab.


Thanks a lot to Evangelionixblacknib and 12420203 for adding translations! 

This addon still needs localizations in some languages, feel free to visit the project page and add translations via the "Localizations" tab.


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