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1 Join In The Battle

Don't want to scroll through a ton of battleground IDs when desperately trying to join a friend's battleground? Join In The Battle to the rescue!

Select your favourite battleground spokesperson, type in /bgid <number> and you're good to go. The addon will then scroll to and select your desired battleground ID. You can also provide the ID via a text field automatically added to your battleground frame.

It's not allowed to automatically queue for the battleground, though. So you have to do this last click on your own! Good luck.


To make one thing clear: There currently is no other known method of group joining Alterac Valley than start queuing at the same time and praying to RNGsus.


2 Commands

/bgid <number>

Selects the battleground entry with the given number.

/bgid <playername>

Prints the player's battleground ID to your chat. If your Battleground Frame is open, the ID gets automatically selected. The player also has to have Join In The Battle installed.


3 Known Bugs/Oddities

Nothing here at the moment.


4 Changelog History

v1.13.5 build 1 (Jul 08, 2020)

  • Updated for patch 1.13.5.

v1.13.4 build 1 (Mar 18, 2020)

  • Updated for patch 1.13.4.

v1.13.3 build 6 (Dec 15, 2019)

  • Bug fix preventing the output of "xyz currently does not have a battleground ID." on wrong occasions when your ID is requested.

v1.13.3 build 5 (Dec 14, 2019)

  • Fixed another Lua error.

v1.13.3 build 4 (Dec 14, 2019)

  • You can now type /bgid <playername> to automatically request a friend's battleground ID. He/she has to have Join In The Battle installed, of course. If your Battleground Frame is open, your friend's ID gets selected.

v1.13.3 build 3 (Dec 14, 2019)

  • Pressing 'enter' inside the text field now highlights the text afterwards.
  • Fixed a bug preventing correct search behaviour.

v1.13.3 build 2 (Dec 14, 2019)

  • A text input field to provide the battleground ID via the Battleground Frame UI was added.

v1.13.3 build 1 (Dec 11, 2019)

  • Release!


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