Interrupted v5

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Sep 11, 2016

Owner: Frost_WD


My discord is:



Hello, Welcome to Interrupted...

This addon will track all your cds above the nameplates. This used to be the addon called Interruptbar but made it way more advance. The older version is actually downloadble below if you feel like using the old one.


Old InterruptBar:


I will be updating this addon as soon as new changes are happening in legion!

How to use it

1. Typ any of the commands to open up the settings
2. Choose your settings / cooldowns
3. Get rank 1
4. Enjoy!



These commands above can be used to show all commands to simply go to:

Interface > Addons > Interrupted

And modify any settings out there!

What can we expect

Regular updates on spells/abilitys and cooldowns!



Please contact me trough discord as i dont really get messages trough curse.