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Honor Info Panel creates a customizable a panel that contains Honor related information.  You can toggle what information is to be shown and also set the panel background color & toggle displaying the panel's border to make the panel less conspicuous.


If you are using Titan Panel or another LibDataBroker-compatible addon this information can also be displayed though them as well.


The panel info contains the following:

  • Honor Level
  • Honor Points
  • Total Honorable Kills
  • Session Time
  • Honor Earned This Session
  • Honor Earned Today across characters
  • Honor Earned Per Hour
  • Time To Next Honor Level
  • A customizable goal number that can be set to trigger an alert when reached


Slash Commands: use either /hip or /honor
/hip goal <number> - Sets a goal number
/hip goal reset - resets the goal to 0
/hip show - Shows display panel
/hip hide - Hides display panel



Titan Panel/DataBroker Commands:
Left Click on the info area: Toggles display Panel
Right Click on the info area: brings up the options panel



A keybind to toggle the display panel can be found in the Keybinding->Addons section



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