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BattlePetCageMatch offers numerous features to help you manage the tracking and caging of your battle pets.



Pet Journal upgrades:

  • Flags the Pet Journal for any pets that it detects currently caged in your inventory.
  • Flags the Pet Journal for any pets that it has detected in other character's inventory.
  • Integration with TSM to show pet prices directly in the Pet Journal, with the ability to filter based on a specific price
  • Adds a customizable tooltip that is displayed when you mouse over the pet icon in the Pet Journal.


Automatic Pet Caging:

  • Now you can automatically cage trade-able pets that match a set of user specified options.
  • Options inclued Min/Max levels, Quality, Known Quanitity, TSM price and more.
  • The ability to manually create a white list of pets to use instead of or in addition to using filters. This list accepts the use of wildcards.
  • The ability to manually create a black list of pets never to cage. This list accepts wildcards.
  • Can be triggered from the new cage icon in the Pet Journal, from keybind or broker addon.
  • The generated list can be displayed in a window where you can see the pet info and have the option to remove pets from the queue.
  • Pressing the cage button when the addon is caging pets will  bring up a prompt to stop.


Learn Pet Key bind:

  • While the ability to automatically learn caged pets in the inventory is not currently possible, there is a user settable keybind that will initially scan the inventory and log any caged pets.  Each time the keybind is then pressed, it will cycle though the list and learn the pets.  It if encounters a pet that can not be learned, that pet will be cycled over so that the rest of the pets can be learned. (This feature is found in the System Keybinding menu, under the Addons->BattlePetCageMatch Section.)


Mouse over pet cageing:

  • Once this keybind is set, you can cage pets from the Pet Journal by moving the mouse over the pet to be caged and using the keybind. (This feature is found in the System Keybinding menu, under the Addons->BattlePetCageMatch Section.)



  • You can create multiple profiles in case you want different cage filters or to have character specific settings.

Custom TSM Price String:

  • You can now use custom TSM price strings instead of a standard market value source for the price filtering and auto cage selection.


Compatible with TSM 4, PetJournal Enhanced and Rematch.


**TSM 4.10 Upgrade Note.  The updated version of TSM added new data sources.  This changed the order of the source list, so previously saved source position now possibly points to a different source.  Re select the source you want to use and everything should work again.**