HandyNotes: Visions of N'Zoth

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A HandyNotes plugin for the Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms assaults added in 8.3. It will add the locations and rewards for rare mobs, battle pets, treasures and other miscellaneous points of interest to the map.



Assault Zones: Uldum and Vale of the Eternal Blossoms
N'Zoths forces are assaulting Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. This addon aims to display everything you need while adventuring in these zones.

Unlocking the new assaults involves a introductory quest line. Once you have accepted "A Titanic Problem", you can check for large quest icons in both zones to track your progress towards unlocking assaults there.



Rare Mobs

Rare mobs are listed as skulls on your map. If the skull is blue colored, that means you still need a collectible reward from that rare. If the rare has multiple spawn points, shares a spawn with common mobs or has a path, hovering over the skull will indicate all the points of interest or paths. Left-clicking on the skull will stick the points of interested on the map and minimap as you fly around.


All nodes in the addon can be individually hidden or sent to TomTom to create a waypoint.


Assault Events

Every day, six different daily events will appear in Uldum and Vale. These locations will be marked on your map with yellow pins describing how to complete the event.



Assault Caches and Locked Coffers

Each assault comes with caches scattered throughout the zone that offer extra Coalescing Visions each day. There are 5-6 different caches for each assault, and each cache has multiple spawn locations but can only be looted once a day.

To help visualize this, each individual cache is displayed with a different color. A group of caches on the map of the same color are all the possible spawn locations for that cache. Once you loot it, all the locations will disappear for the day.


Each assault also has a locked coffer associated with it. These required a key constructed from items dropped in the zone and give a larger amount of Coalescing Visions. They are shown on the map with a spiked chest icon.



Battle Pets and Trainers

The locations of the eight new pet battles are displayed on the map, four in each zone.



Horrific Visions (Orgrimmar and Stormwind)

Inside the weekly horrific vision, you will find multiple notes on your map.


Notes for the following things have been added (all can be enabled/disabled in the options):

  • Hidden chest locations (visible with the Clear Sight research).
  • Mailbox locations for the Mail Muncher mount.
  • Possible 1 hour buff locations (such as 10% haste, 10% damage, etc.)
  • Bad potion location, indicating the color of the potion to avoid for the rest of the run.
  • Ethereal location for turning in orange crystals collected throughout the run (gives extra momentos).


Other Points of Interest



  • Change icon sizes and alpha based on type (rares, treasures, battle pets, etc)
  • Enable/disable icons by type
  • Show only rares that you still need rewards from
  • Show all rares and chests even if you've already looted them today



This addon has been translated to the following languages:

  • deDE - German (thanks Dathwada!)
  • esES - Spanish (Spain) (thanks krovikan74!)
  • esMX - Spanish (Mexico) (thanks Herida!)
  • frFR - French (thanks Herida!)
  • ruRU - Russian (thanks Hubbotu!)
  • zhCN - Chinese (Simplified) (thanks wyjbuxiu!)
  • zhTW - Chinese (Traditional) (thanks BNS333!)

If you would like to translate the addon to another language, send me a PM or comment with the file on this page.


Credits and Issues

I'd like to thank Ersanth and Herida for their early contributions to this addon.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments if:

  • Something is out of place on the map.
  • A reward, path or spawn point is missing from a rare.
  • Icons are not removed from the map when expected.


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