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Addon for role playing character description like surnames, titles etc. Supports MSP (like FlagRSP2, TotalRP, MyRolePlay). Support for flags transmitted over chat channels (like FlagRSP Catalysm) is removed with version because now all actual flag addons are using MSP.


  • Configurable character description of Blizzard setting menu.
  • Display of the flags of other players in a separate window at Target selection and / or mouseover.
  • Sending the own character description about Mary Sue Protocol (MSP).
  • Rudimentary friend / Unknown / foe identification with notes.
  • List of all flags with filters.
  • Can be integrated into GnomTEC Gnomecorder.
  • Displaying the set in the flag a player's name in the Blizzard Chat (new in version
  • Displaying the set in the flag a player's name in Prat 3.0 (new in version
  • Toolbar for faster switching of various state variables.
  • Nameplates with full character names from roleplay flag (new in version
  • "/badge <filter>" slash command to open the player list and search for rp flags (eg. "/badge Effie") (new in version


  • Windows are movable with left mouse button over free space on borders.
  • Resizing of windows with left mouse button at bottomright edge (new in version
  • Player picture will only show up on targets or mouseover but not at selection in flag list.

Official sites for further informations and support

GnomTEC Homepage: http://gnomtec.de


The addon is in principle localized for all available languages supported by the World of Warcraft client.
But not all languages are translated and reviewed by native speakers, infact most translations are yet made with Google Translate.

If you want to support the translating process feel free to translate and review the phrases here:

Actual status of localizations

Brazilian PortugueseptBRGoogle Translate
EnglishusUStranslated by GnomTEC
FrenchfrFRGoogle Translate
GermandeDEtranslated by GnomTEC
ItalianitITGoogle Translate
KoreankoKRGoogle Translate
Latin American SpanishesMXGoogle Translate
RussianruRUtranslated by CorruptGnosis
Simplified ChinesezhCNGoogle Translate
SpanishesESGoogle Translate
Traditional ChinesezhTWGoogle Translate

(should be quite ok / needs definitly a review / I can not even read this ;))

GnomTEC - Gnomish technology for a free Gnomeregan