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GnomTEC Babel

Anti-discrimination addon to change used language into common and add a prefix of used language in /s /y so that other races can read the text (like gnomes should understand dwarf). Can also be used as language switching addon only without the anti-discrimination function and also supports "arcane languages​​".


  • Replaces actually selected language by prefix in the chat so that other races could understand you if they really should (such as Gnome can for sure speak dwarven) (function switched on or off via Blizzard setting menu)
  • Support for language in /s and /y
  • Language selection button which also supports extended languages ​​eg "Arcane languages'.


  • Button can be moved with the left mouse button on free area at button borders

Official sites for further informations and support

GnomTEC Homepage:


The addon is in principle localized for all available languages supported by the World of Warcraft client.
But not all languages are translated and reviewed by native speakers, infact most translations are yet made with Google Translate.

If you want to support the translating process feel free to translate and review the phrases here:

Actual status of localizations

Brazilian PortugueseptBRGoogle Translate
EnglishusUStranslated by GnomTEC
FrenchfrFRGoogle Translate
GermandeDEtranslated by GnomTEC
ItalianitITGoogle Translate
KoreankoKRGoogle Translate
Latin American SpanishesMXGoogle Translate
RussianruRUGoogle Translate
Simplified ChinesezhCNGoogle Translate
SpanishesESGoogle Translate
Traditional ChinesezhTWGoogle Translate

(should be quite ok / needs definitly a review / I can not even read this ;))

GnomTEC - Gnomish technology for a free Gnomeregan


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