GnomTEC Assistant

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GnomTEC Assistant

Addon which will assist all GnomTEC addons with support functionality.


  • No independent functionality yet (only usefull with below listed GnomTEC addons)

GnomTEC addons which are based on GnomTEC Framework and GnomTEC Assistant can support


GnomTEC (Addon Framwork) has to be installed

Official sites for further informations and support

GnomTEC Homepage:


The addon is only localized for english and german World of Warcraft client at the moment.

If you want to support the translating process feel free to translate and review the phrases here:

Actual status of localizations

Brazilian PortugueseptBRNot localized yet
EnglishusUStranslated by GnomTEC
FrenchfrFRNot localized yet
GermandeDEtranslated by GnomTEC
ItalianitITNot localized yet
KoreankoKRNot localized yet
Latin American SpanishesMXNot localized yet
RussianruRUNot localized yet
Simplified ChinesezhCNNot localized yet
SpanishesESNot localized yet
Traditional ChinesezhTWNot localized yet

(should be quite ok / needs definitly a review / Not localized yet or i can not even read this ;))

GnomTEC - Gnomish technology for a free Gnomeregan


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