GnomTEC CityMaps

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GnomTEC CityMaps

Interactive maps for display of buildings (POIs) usable or used by roleplayers.


  • Shows interactive maps of usable or used buildings (POIs) for roleplaying in differnet cities
    with information about NPCs in building and a picture of the main room of building
  • Support of custom importable lists of building usage-by-roleplayer information
  • Support of synchronization with usage information sendet through home field (HH) of MSP flag addons
    This needs an active flag addon like GnomTEC Badge ore others MSP addons.
    You can add now multiple text passages like [<POI_ID>=<Displayed_Text>] in your HH field.
    Example: "Some normal HH text [IF_D2=GnomTEC branch office Ironforge]"
  • Data is seperatly hold for each realm a player is playing
  • Actual (on release time of addon) data for realm "Die Aldor" included
  • Single moveable button (on border) for map display on/off
  • Since version support of event announcement which will show as flashing POIs and announcement text in the POI description.
    This requires someone announcing a event by including a specific string in his message (via any chat channel).


    <POI_ID> Valid POI ID for a habitable building (places not possible yet).

    <STARTTIME> Time of the start of the event as an integer (optional)

    <ENDTIME> Time of the end of the event as an integer (optional)

    <DURATION>Duration of the event as an integer (optional)


    /s Come to Bruuks today *IF_F2:2000:2200*

    /y *SW_A5:::30* We will close in 30 minutes!

    /1 Only this evening for one hour! *SW_D11:2000::60* Free haircut!

Suppported cities (more in planning)

  • Ironforge (POI information only in german yet to be localized)
  • Stormwind (Photos have to be added, texts must be revised, POI information only in german yet to be localized).
  • Darnassus (Photos have to be added, texts must be revised, POI information only in german yet to be localized).

Official sites for further informations and support

GnomTEC Homepage:


The addon is only localized for english and german World of Warcraft client at the moment.
But the POIs are yet only in german and need proper transaltion (building names could not easily translated by me because you need to check with english client).

If you want to support the translating process feel free to translate and review the phrases here:

Actual status of localizations

Brazilian PortugueseptBRNot localized yet
EnglishusUStranslated by GnomTEC (POIs untranslated)
FrenchfrFRNot localized yet
GermandeDEtranslated by GnomTEC
ItalianitITNot localized yet
KoreankoKRNot localized yet
Latin American SpanishesMXNot localized yet
RussianruRUNot localized yet
Simplified ChinesezhCNNot localized yet
SpanishesESNot localized yet
Traditional ChinesezhTWNot localized yet

(should be quite ok / needs definitly a review / Not localized yet or i can not even read this ;))

GnomTEC - Gnomish technology for a free Gnomeregan


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