38,757 Downloads Last Updated: May 18, 2021 Game Version: 2.5.1  

The popular GDKPd addon updated for WoW Classic, with a few new bells and whistles. 


This addon automates much of the work of master looting and bidding off items in a GDKP raid.


It is NOT required by raid members at all. It picks up bids in raid chat, announces, high bidders, winners, pot amounts, etc. However, raid members that do have it installed will see bidding windows and with easy to click buttons, status output, and auto bidding functionality.


Spend your raid playing the game -- not fumbling with spreadsheets and bid tracking. 


Major Features:

- Automatically populate trade window with payout, never wonder if the trade went through, or if someone tried to double dip. 

- Spreadsheet export, with wowhead item links!

- Option for arbitrary number of extra shares -- rewards your tanks, top heals/dps, etc. 

- Easily mail payouts. Mixed trade + mailing works too. No more writing down who asked for a mailed payout, no more confusing who came back from AFK and got their share already.

- Automatic bidding when the bidder has the addon, all they have to do is enter their max bid. No more "ebay bidding", no more missed opportunities. 

- Loot rules button. Type it in once, spam it easily, don't waste a macro slot.

- Much more, check out the screenshots!




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