1,378 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 31, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3  

Forward is an addon that allows you to toggle autorun using an ActionBook-powered action bar (such as OPie), or a simple macro command.

After installing Forward, you add the "Toggle Autorun" action to an OPie ring (find it under the Miscellaneous category), or use the following macro command to toggle autorun in any macro:

    /click Forward auto 1

You can view a YouTube video which shows how Forward can be used with an ActionBook-powered action bar and OPie. For integration with other action bars, use the macro described above.

Caveat: when Forward is installed, ending move-and-steer triggered by holding down both Left and Right mouse buttons will no longer end autorun. Binding-based move-and-steer is unaffected and will terminate autorun as usual.

NB: Please check the official site for most recent releases or to report errors.