27,804 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

Eska Tracker replaces the Blizzad objective tracker by one with more features and customizations.

Installation : Dependencies Needed :

The dependencies aren't included in the packages downloaded directly from Curse website.

You have two solutions at this issue :

  • Install manually the following dependencies : PLoop and Scorpio .
  • Or download it from Twitch.App because they are automatically installed with the addon.


  • Multi-tracker support, create as tracker you want and say which contents are tracked in each ones.
  • Scrolling system, when the content is greater than tracker height.
  • Theme system, allowing you to customize the appearance of many frames (background color, text font, texture color, ...). You can create your own theme and share them to the community. 
  • Notification system could be used freely by plugins and other addons for alerting you on something is important.
  • Context Menu 
  • Advanced profile system, with special profils such as Global profile, Character profile and Specialization profile. Of course, you can also create your own profiles. 
  • LibSharedMedia support.
  • Extensible, the addon is never fixed, upgrade your EskaTracker in adding plugins. This ones will add features and others contents tracking. 

Slash Commands 

  • "/ekt open" "/ekt config" "/ekt option" : open the options


Here is a list of plugins which are available and i'm maintaining.

Bug reports & Feature requests

Thank to use the ticket tracker for reporting a bug or requesting a feature.


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