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Syling Tracker replaces the Blizzard objectives tracker by one with more features and a better design.. 


The addon needs a dependency for working. As this one isn't included in the package, so you have to install by your own.
Here the links where it can be downloaded from Curseforge:


  • Scrolling system when the content is greater than tracker height
  • Moving and resizing the tracker

The following contents are supported:

  • Quests
  • World Quests
  • Scenario
  • Dungeon
  • Keystone (Mythic +)
  • Bonus objectives
  • Achievements
  • Torghast



  • Sorting the quests by categories and by distance
  • The raid quests are colored in green, dungeon quests in blue and legendary quests in yellow

Context Menu

Right Clicking a quest, world quest, bonus objective or achievement will open a context menu with various actions


Mythic +

  • Show Key Level
  • Accurate Timer
  • Timer bar
  • Shows +2/+3 timer. They will be colored in red if you exceed their time limit
  • Display the affixes as icon. Their informations are shown by tooltip.
  • Show the enemy forces as absolute number with the percent
  • Death Counter. The tooltip displays the time lost.



  • Show the floor level
  • Show the Fanstasm amount
  • Show the remaining death
  • Displays the anima powers and sort them by rarity (epic > rare > uncommon > common)
  • Displays the Tarragrue timer

The addon uses the prefix "slt" for every slashs commands. 

  • /slt lock
  • /slt unlock
  • /slt show
  • /slt hide
  • /slt bot
  • /slt qcat

- lock the tracker, preventing it to be moved or resized.
- unlock the tracker, allowing moving and resizing it. unlock the tracker, allowing moving and resizing it
- show the tracker
- hide the tracker
- hide/show the blizzard objective tracker (it's hidden by default)
- toggle the displaying of categories for quests

As the addon is still in constant evolution, some bugs may happen. If you encounter them, the bug report is your best ally. Additionally, if you have any features you would like to see appear in Syling Tracker, you can make a feature request.