Syling Tracker


Syling Tracker is an addon that tracks different game content, such as quests, scenarios, mythic+, and more.


The addon needs a dependency for working. As this one isn't included in the package, so you have to install by your own.
Here the links where it can be downloaded from Curseforge:

Multi tracker System

You can create as many trackers as you want. Each tracker has its own configuration, and you can decide what content it should display.


Scrolling System

The trackers use a scrolling system when the content is longer than the tracker height to optimize space.


Item Bar

An item bar is available to group your quest items together for quick access to them.


Helper Window

This window will allow you to find help if you are stuck on a quest or achievement, by generating a Wowhead link.

This window can be opened from the context menu by right-clicking on a quest or achievement and then selecting the "Help" option.


Mythic +

  • Display the basic informations.
  • Show the +2/+3 timers.
  • Display the pull percent if you have the addon "Mythic Dungeon Tools" installed.

The addon uses the prefix "slt" for every slashs commands. 

  • /slt lock
  • /slt unlock
  • /slt show
  • /slt hide
  • /slt enable
  • /slt disable

- lock the trackers and item bar, preventing them to be moved or resized.
- unlock the trackers and item bar, allowing moving and resizing them.
- show the trackers and item bar.
- hide the trackers and item bar.
- enable all the trackers and item bar.
- disable all the trackers and item bar.

As the addon is still in constant evolution, some bugs may happen. If you encounter them, the bug report is your best ally. Additionally, if you have any features you would like to see appear in Syling Tracker, you can make a feature request.