Diminish DR Tracker (Classic, TBC & Retail)

1,387,131 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 7, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.5

Lightweight diminishing returns tracker for player crowd controls. You can filter which unitframes & categories to track for and more in the settings.

Now also works for Classic & TBC. Keep in mind the combat log range in Classic is max 50 yards, so you will only be able to track DRs to players close to you.

NB: Does not track knockbacks as the ingame API for it is too unreliable at the moment.


Diminish attaches icons to unit frames or nameplates, displaying time left until a diminishing returns category expires for that unit, as well as how far the category is diminished. (Green border = 50% duration, yellow = 25%, red = 0%)

Diminish can track DRs on both mobs and players if you enable PvE mode in the options.




Type /diminish to open the options panel.

DR icons for each unit frame is separately configurable. Certain unit frames are default disabled for tracking or only enabled for certain zones. You may also skin the icons using Masque.

You can manually set icons used for a DR category by right clicking one of the checkboxes under "Enabled Categories" section.




  • Diminish not working with an unitframe addon? Go to options and enable "Anchor to UIParent", then position the icons wherever you want. For Party frames, try disabling "Use Raid-Style Party Frames" under WoW's interface options.
  • Supports tracking max 5 party/raid frames.



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