Diminish (DR Tracker)

244,231 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

Lightweight diminishing returns tracker for all units.

You can filter which categories & unitframes to track for and more in the settings.


Diminish attaches icons to unit frames or nameplates, displaying time left until a diminishing returns category expires for that unit, as well as how far the category is diminished. (Green border = 50% duration, yellow = 25%, red = 0%) You can filter which categories/unitframes to track for and more in the settings.

In PvE mode, stuns are tracked for all mobs, meanwhile roots and taunts are only tracked for elites and quest bosses. PvE tracking is default turned off.



Type /diminish to open the options panel.

DR icons for each unit frame is separately configurable. Certain unit frames are default disabled for tracking or only enabled for certain zones. You may also skin the icons using Masque.


If you have minor experience with scripting, you can also open the file "Diminish/core/config.lua" to change font settings for category text and also change indicator colors.



  • Diminish not working with an unitframe addon? Go to options and enable "Anchor to UIParent", then position the icons wherever you want. For Party frames, try disabling "Use Raid-Style Party Frames" under WoW's interface options instead. Submit an issue below if it still doesn't work.
  • All timers are deleted if you die, so if you instantly resurrect the timers may sometimes be wrong.
  • Does not track knockbacks. (too unreliable)
  • Supports tracking max 5 party/raid frames.

Note for Patch 8.2:


After patch 8.2 it seems like DRs for mobs (not players) reset randomly between 18 and 23 seconds, instead of always 18 sec. I'm not sure if this is a bug, servers being laggy or an intended change.

If you experience DR timers in PvE being inaccurate, I recommend waiting 2-5 seconds after the timer ends before you cast a new crowd control. If this keeps happening I'll update the timer.


- Help translate.
- Report bugs or missing spells.
- Source code.
- Donate



Thanks to

- Bullseiify, OLBarbok and Saeftie for German translations.

- GojiTBs for Russian translations.

- Thebackstabi for original idea. 




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