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Diminish DR Tracker


Diminish attaches icons to unit frames or nameplates, displaying time left until a crowd control diminishing returns category expires for that unit. As well as how far the category is diminished. (Green border = 50% duration, yellow = 25%, red = 0%)

DR icons for each unit frame is separately configurable. Certain unit frames are default disabled for tracking or only enabled for certain zones.


Also optionally tracks DRs for NPCs. Normal mobs shows stun/taunt DR while special mobs shows all categories.


Note: This addon is no longer actively maintained. However it should still work for now unless there's some drastic client changes.




Type /diminish to open the options panel. You may also skin the icons using Masque.

You can manually set static icons used for a DR category by right clicking one of the checkboxes under "Enabled Categories" section.