Diminish 2.0 (DR Tracker)

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jun 23, 2015

Owner: Wardzx

Lightweight diminishing returns tracker for friendly and enemy players. You may also enable tracking for mobs/pets. (default off)

Diminish attaches icons to unit frames, displaying time left until a diminishing returns category expires for that unit,
as well as how far the category is diminished. (Red border = immune, yellow = 75% reduced duration, green = 50%)

Newest version of Diminish supports both BfA beta and Legion 7.3.5. But you need to check "Load out of date AddOns" for BfA. EDIT: Forgot to switch versions for Diminish v2.0.0 so you need to enable out of date addons for legion 7.3.5 temporarily.



Type /diminish to open the options panel.

Icons for each unit frame is separately configurable. Default config is set to use enemy target/focus frame tracking outside arena, and only arena frame tracking while inside arena.
DR tracking for player (self) is set to enabled for all zones. All other unit frames are default disabled for tracking. Tracking friendly target/focus DRs are also default disabled.


Caveats & Notes

- If a DR is activated when there's ~1s on the timer left it sometimes might show wrong indicator color.  (Will try to fix this in next version)
- Diminish should work with most unitframe addons, but you'll most likely need to reposition the icons.
- Max tracking range is 200 yards.
- Does not track knockbacks.
- Tracking for raid frames other than Blizzard's frames are not supported atm.


- Help translate.
- Report bugs.
- Source code.
- Donate


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