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Adds castingbars to the target frame and nameplates in Classic World of Warcraft. Cast times are estimates only.  

Update: Blizzard removed the ability to distinguish between spell ranks in the combat log, so now cast times are always based on the highest rank.




Castbars have configurable size, textures, positioning and more.
Type "/castbar" or go to "Escape -> Interface Options -> AddOns -> ClassicCastbars" to open the options panel.



- The spell database is loaded in the background in batches to reduce loading screen times, so when you first start the game the cast tracking wont work untill after ~7 seconds has passed ingame. Same if you do /reload ui.

- Playing with high latency and noticing casts randomly stopping? Try going to options and disable "Stop Castbar on Movement". This feature might bug out when lagging.




- Help translate.

- Submit an issue or feature request.

- Github.



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