Details! Damage Meter: Chart Viewer (plugin)

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This is a plugin for Details! addon, if you still doesn't have Details! installed, download through this link: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/details or search "details" on curse client.

Chart Viewer is a plugin which allows you to see the data gathered by Details! in graphical charts.

How to use:
This plugin adds a new icon over the menu bar, click in this icon to open the chart viewer panel.
On the top right side, there is the button to create a new tab.
On the bottom right, there is the button which adds a chart to this tab.

When creating a new tab, you are able to choose between "Current Segment" and "Last Five Segments".
Current Segment: the chart only use the latest segment and can add 5 different types of data.
Last Five Segments: uses only one type of data and adds one line for each segment.

Adding more types of data:
Go to Details! options panel and select "Data for Charts", create a new Data Capture or Import one.