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Now featuring Select-A-Stat™ 2.0!
Choose which stats YOU want to see with DCS! 

Ready for

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Ready for Shadowlands!

DejaCharacterStats provides an updated and logical display of the character stats.

Please watch the video for an overview! 


Select-A-Stat™ 2.0:

Show, hide, and drag 'n' drop any stat or category heading in any configuration you like and DCS will automatically save your selections for each character's specialization independently!

Options Overview:

  • Show current and maximum available item level of equipped gear in class colors and with an accuracy of up to two decimal places.
  • Display "Enhancements" and "Defense" stats to two decimal places and automatically hide them if they are zero.
  • Display each equipped item's level, durability, and repair cost.
  • Display a quick graphical "Durability Bar" next to each equipped item.
  • Display total average durability of equipped gear on your character's shirt slot.
  • Show or hide the "Class Crest Background" of the character stat panel.
  • Show the hidden Item Level display for characters below level 90.
  • Display "Enhancements" and "Defense" stat ratings.

Default Display

By default DCS displays a character's "Relevant Stats" according to their specialization but hides those stats that are at zero. Bolded stats listed below are displayed by default for all classes and specializations.

Item Level:

  • Item Level


  • Health
  • Power(Mana, Energy, Rage, Focus, etc.)
  • Alternate Power(Astral, Maelstrom, Insanity, etc.)
  • Item Level
  • Movement Speed
  • Durability
  • Repair Cost


  • Primary Stat(Strength, Agility, Intellect)
  • Stamina
  • Armor(Non-tank)


  • Damage
  • Attack Power
  • Attack Speed
  • Weapon DPS
  • Spellpower
  • Mana Regen
  • Energy Regen
  • Rune Regen
  • Focus Regen
  • Global Cooldown


  • Critical Strike
  • Haste
  • Versatility
  • Mastery
  • Leech
  • Avoidance


  • Armor(tank)
  • Dodge
  • Parry
  • Block


  • Critical Strike Rating
  • Haste Rating
  • Versatility Rating
  • Mastery Rating
  • Leech Rating
  • Avoidance Rating
  • Dodge Rating
  • Parry Rating

Installation and Use of DejaCharacterStats


Install to your "AddOns" folder (World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns) and login to WoW.


  1. Open the character frame.
  2. Unlock DCS' >Select-A-Stat™ 2.0 by clicking the lock icon in the upper right of the character paper-doll frame.
  3. Click check boxes to the left of each stat or category to show or hide them.
  4. Drag 'n' drop any stat or category heading in any configuration you like.
  5. Lock DCS' >Select-A-Stat™ 2.0 by clicking the lock icon in the upper right of the character paper-doll frame.
  6. Profit!

Interface Options Settings

Average Item Level:

  • Equipped/Available: Displays Equipped/Available item levels unless equal.
  • Class Colors: Displays average item level with class colors.
  • One Decimal Place: Displays the item level to 1 decimal place.
  • Two Decimal Places: Displays the item level to 2 decimal places.

Character Stats:

  • DCS's Hide At Zero: Hides "Enhancements" stats if their displayed value would be zero.
  • Blizzard's Hide At Zero: Hides "Enhancements" stats only if their numerical value is exactly zero.
  • Decimals: Displays "Enhancements" category stats to two decimal places.

Item Slots:

  • Item Level: Displays the item level of each equipped item.
  • Durability Bars: Displays a durability bar next to each item with less than 100% durability for a quick visual reference.
  • Average Durability: Displays on the character shirt slot the total average durability of all equipped gear.
  • Item Durability: Displays a durability overlay on each equipped item's slot.
  • Item Repair Cost: Displays an overlay of the Repair Total on each equipped item's slot.


  • Class Crest Background: Shows or hides the character stats' panel class background crest.
  • Expand: Shows or hides the character stat panel expand/collapse button.
  • Scrollbar: Displays a scrollbar to the side of the stat panel.

Slash Commands:

  • /dcstats: Displays the DejaCharacterStats version and slash commands.
  • /dcstats config: Opens the DejaCharacterStats addon config menu.
  • /dcstats reset: Resets DejaCharacterStats options to default.

Known Issues:

  • Movement Speed may not update when transitioning from ground to flight and vice versa due to no event firing when this transition occurs. This appears to be a current limitation of WoW's API. To update it manually close and reopen the character stat frame.
  • Some old Outfitter versions might have compatibility issues with DCS. Updating Outfitter should fix them.
  • When used with ElvUI v10.38 or earlier, low level character's item level display will hide. A solution has been injected into ElvUI v10.39. If you experience issues with v10.39 then please re-install ElvUI in order to pick up the changes.


  • Bonus experience stat display.

Future Possibilities:

  • Make category headers re-nameable.
  • Add ability to create a new category header.
  • Attach stats to their default categories reattach them to the new category they are dragged into.

We would like to thank everyone that helped make DCS possible:


  • Dejoblue, Kakjens, loudsoul

Localization Translators:

  • French: Medaleux, sv002, Darkcraft92, Ymvej, Druidzor, napnapnapnapnap
  • German: pas06, flow0284, Markurion, Branduril, NekoNyaaaa
  • Portuguese: Othra, Rhyrol
  • Spanish: Tholagar, MrUrkaz, Krounted, Valhallanem
  • Korean: PositiveMind, yuk6196, netaras, next96
  • Russian: Nappsel, Wishko, berufegoru, n1mrorox
  • Simplified Chinese: C_Reus, alvisjiang, y123ao6
  • Traditional Chinese: BNSSNB, killsophia, konraddo, y123ao6


  • Blizzard, WoWInterface, Curse, Wago, ElvUI, Sloot(Twitch), BabaShareShow(Twitch), kevinjordan(Twitch), and Reddit's /r/wow


  • Baudzila, 10leej, wizardanim, Phanx, Ro, Choonster, Zork, Lombra, myrroddin, Darth_Predator, sirann, and YOU

Thank You!