Currency Value

4,425 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 11, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.5  

Currency Value Finds the value of older/newer currencies in game and calculates there value per one unit into a gold value.

Values are show in the addon as follows:  ( Currency Name, Exchange Rate, Location For Conversion ) 

Once downloaded you should open the addon by going to your minimap and pressing the button to open the main user interface. Then you are able to set your price source under Settings so that you are able to get your currency values. 




  • Currency -  The Currency tab is the default when the addon is open. This displays all current adapted currencies and there conversion rates for quick easy access. 
  • Events - The Events tab will show all known currencies and there conversion rates for Those Events ( i.e. Hallows End - Tricky Treats)  
  • Calculator - This tab is simply calculating your current rate for a currency and times it by how many you how to see the total value of your currency.
  • Settings - This Should be configured first, due to you need to set your price source


  • TSM - Tradeskillmaster


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