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WorthIt - Guides


WorthIt Guides provides In Guides Addon. 

This can be used to Farm/Obtain Mounts in game, Become Exalted with Reputations, Levelling Professions, Learn To Making Gold, A Library of Importable Routes and Exploring the Old World. 

These Guides are designed to be as straight forward as possible and so that know what you need to do and how to do it, along with showing you where to go!


Mount Guides:

  • 457+ Mount Guides ( Alliance Faction, Horde Faction, Farmed, Reputation, Class, Grind, World Boss and Rares, Event, Profession, Black Market Auction House and Vendor Mounts.)


Reputation Guides:

  • 119+ Reputation Guides ( Vanilla - Shadowlands)


Profession Levelling:

  • Vanilla - Shadowlands: Crafting Profession Levelling Guides ( Estimated Costs, Material List, Step by Step Breakdowns, Trainer waypoints) 
  • Vanilla - Shadowlands: Gathering Profession Levelling Guides ( Importable Routes, Levelling Guided Dialogue, Trainer / Rare Spawn Waypoints )


Gold Making Guides:

  • Flipping Gold Guides: 
  • Crafting Gold Guides: 
  • Farming Gold Guides: 
  • Beginner Gold Guides: 



  • Library of Importable Routes



  • Easter Eggs
  • Secret Locations 


Optional Addons:

WorthIt Guides does not need anyother addons to work. However, there are some which you should have to make the guides more effective.

  • TradeSkillMaster
  • Routes
  • Routes-Import-Export
  • TomTom


Addon Overview:




General Support / Community: