NOTE: I am aware they added a sort button somewhere along the way, but it's still really nice to be able to configure the sorting using BankStack and having a dedicated button in the inventory. I've left the default one untouched, but I'd be open to add an option to completely override it so that only one button is shown instead of two if people are showing interest.



This is a simple sorting button which uses BankStack. Originally, I made it for myself, but some friends wanted to use it because they couldn't find anything similar, so I decided to share it :).

It adds a button (a purple bag) next to Combuctor's search bar, both in the inventory and in the bank. Clicking on it will sort either one (the bank one sorts your bank, the inventory one sorts your inventory) using BankStack, a bag-sorting AddOn. Both are required for this to work.



- Combuctor (an inventory addon)

- BankStack (an inventory sorting addon)



The sorting button