Guild Achievements Manager (and other enhancements)

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This addon used to be called "Announce Achievements To Guild". When Blizzard fixed the guild announcements in Wrath Classic, I made a few changes to this addon: it now manages the official announcements. You can use this addon to either customize or block guild notifications.


I HAVE FLAGGED IT AS COMPATIBLE WITH RETAIL BECAUSE IT SEEMS TO WORK FINE OVER THERE, BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS DESIGNED FOR CLASSIC WRATH/CATA. That said, if you spot any functional issues, whether that is in Cata or Retail, please let me know :).


This addon allows you to manage your guild achievement notifications. Everything is toggleable. You can:

  • Disable the Guild Achievements (yes, you can indeed use this addon to block them)
  • Customize the Guild Achievements (such as adding a timestamp or sending the notifications to another chat tab)
  • Enable level up notifications from guildies who also have the addon installed (visually similar to guild achievements)
  • Toggle the achievement sound effect that plays when you get an achievement
  • Show a "Guild Message of the Day" window on login
  • Enable the whisper sound effect to play for every new guild message and notification



The settings page is located in: Interface -> AddOns -> [AATG] Guild Achievements Manager.


- The settings page as of version [0.4.5b-CATAC] and [0.4.6b-RETAIL] -


- Latest Changes -

View the changelogs here: