EquipmentSets (Additional Equipment Manager)

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I know my addon is a little less useful now with WOTLK/Cata Classic since there is an equipment manager integrated in the game now, BUT it allows for 10 extra slots that are independent from the default system AND includes a function to unequip everything without using up a slot in either systems. EquipmentSets also works with Classic Vanilla!


- Description -
This adds dropdown menus at the bottom left of your character's page and allows you to save 10 of your own gear presets and switch between them.
- You can rename your presets by clicking the settings icon!
- Includes a function to unequip everything without it taking up a slot. Yes, you can tie that to a macro with "/unequipall"!
- You can also tie "/loadset1" through "/loadset10" to macros.


Known issues [Latest version: 1.4.3b-WOTLKC]
It sometimes says your bags are full even though they aren't. This is only a cosmetic error, unless of course they really are full.

When the game updated to patch 3.4.1, empty slots had issues due to API changes. This has now been fixed since version 1.4.2b of EquipmentSets. Make sure to update!