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ClassicUI is an addon that has the objective of returning the classic default main interface that has been modified in BFA.

*Fully compatible with Titan Panel addon!

*Compatible with Bazooka and ChocolateBar addons!


  • * ClassicUI restores the classic interface, which includes a total relocation of action bars, backpacks and bags, small interface buttons (character detail, guild, etc ...) and status bars (reputation, experience , honor, ...). The purpose of this addon is to make the interface look exactly like the old interface.
  • * Pixel perfect: A meticulous work has been done to automatically establish the bars in the old position with exactness at the pixel level.
  • * Works correctly in all resolutions and in all interface scales.
  • * Fully reversible: ClassicUI only makes modifications in the session, so if you want to restore the new original interface you will only have to deactivate or disable it.
  • * Configurable: You can access the configuration menu from Interface->Addons or by typing the /ClassicUI command. Type /ClassicUI help to know all the available slash commands.
    • - Frame options: ClassicUI allow the user to manually move the action bars and the status bars and set their scale individually. This allows a greater personalization and serves as a correction if some placement error occurs. You can also show/hide/move the left/right Gargoyle art frame and select a new alternative Gargoyle model. You can also show/hide some types of StatusBar (e.g. you can hide the HonorBar or the ExpBar if you want). Other thinks like alpha and scale of some frames can also be modified.
    • - Extra options: Although it is not the purpose of this addon, some additional functionalities related with action bars have been incorporated that can be very useful (disabled by default):
      • · Guild Panel Mode: This additional option allows you to recover the old guild panel. You can select open the old guild panel by means of some access modes (keybind, left or right click on the guild microbutton, ...) and conserve other access modes to continue accessing the new social guild panel.
      • · Keybinds Visibility: This functionality allows hide the text of the keybinds of the action bars. You can hide these keybinds but still show the range point (the default one if you do not set a keybind) or completely hide all the keybinds. You can also select hide the ActionButtons Names (usually shown when a macro is assigned to an ActionButton).
      • · RedRange: By default the Blizzard interface only shows in red the keybind text of the spell when it is out of range. This additional functionality allows you to display the icon completely red when an ability is out of range.
      • · GreyOnCooldown: This extra option allows show desaturated Icons on ActionButtons when the spell is on cooldown. If you only like this feature, you should check its own addon website.
      • · LossOfControlUI Remover: When your character suffers a CC effect, the default behavior of your action bars is to establish a Cooldown according to the CC duration. This can be annoying for some players. You can activate this additional option to remove the cooldown of the bars produced by the effects of CC.


The new ugly UI added in BFA:

Restore the classic UI with ClassicUI:

Known Issues

  • - Some frames are protected and can not be modified in combat. If certain actions are performed that modify the position of the bars (modify the offset from the ClassicUI options or select see/hide the Honor or Reputation bar for example) while you are in combat the bars will not be displayed correctly until you get out of combat. ClassicUI incorporates a mechanism that makes all the adjustments that could not be made as soon you leave the combat.

Found a Bug?

You can report issues here.


Special thanks to Zaperox, his addon Zap's Retro UI gave me the basic idea to make ClassicUI. Some parts of his code was especially useful solving certain problems. Also thanks to the wonderful WoW community for the help, feedback, libraries, etc...




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