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This Addon only supports Classic WoW. Retail WoW is NOT supported!

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🧈 A butter smooth quest tracker with the Classic Feel!


  • Change tracker position
  • Collapsible zone headers
  • Format the quest headers to your liking
  • Manually track / untrack quests (see caveats below)
  • Quickly grab the Wowhead URL of a quest by alt clicking the quests
  • Filter quests by your current zone / subzone
  • Sort your quests by level, completion percentage, recently updated, or by quest proximity (only if you have a quest helper installed).
  • Change the quest watch limit or remove it entirely
  • Context menus to enable you to quickly share or abandon quests
  • Colored quest names based on their difficulty
  • Link quests in chat by ctrl clicking their name
  • Adjust the font-size or padding of the tracker to your liking
  • Type /bqt to quickly open the settings menu


Supported Addons


Quest Helpers


  • Questie (Removes pins and allows sorting "By Quest Proximity")
  • ClassicCodex (Removes pins and allows sorting "By Quest Proximity")


Quest Logs



Manually Tracking / Untracking Quests Caveats


If you manually track / untrack a quest and wish to reset it so that filtering will impact it again you need to do the following.

Open the BQT Settings menu (/bqt) > Filters & Sorting (Tab) > Reset Tracking Overrides


Bugs or Feature requests


If you find any bugs or problems please post them to the GitHub issue tracker.


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