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QuestGuru is a Quest Log enhancer changed for WoW Classic!

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Features include:

Features include:

  • Enhanced two page quest display in the log
  • Added full time quest level in front of quest name and tooltips.
  • Added auto quest tracking (quest is automatically tracked when accepted).



  • Will try and revamp the quest tracker as I love it also. But wanted to get the Log out ASAP.
  • Need to make a in-game config window, still a work in progress.



Q. How do I post a Bug Report?

  • A1 - Click on QuestGuru Go to the AddOn and on the right side there is a selection called "Bugs" click on that. You will need to be signed in to WoW Interface to create a bug report.
  • A2 - Or file a ticket on QuestGuru_Classic@CurseForge
  • Note:
  • Please include the version of QuestGuru you are using and copy/paste the error message you receive. 
  • Please describe what you were doing when the error happened. This will help tremendously.


SOUND OPTIONS: for the moment, these are no more. Please no more reports of "/qgs doesn't work"


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