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A lightweight Addon to show you all enemies, allies and important player-specific information in a battleground.



To open the config panel type /BattleGroundEnemies or /bge into the chat.


Supports Retail and The Burning Crusade Classic


If you are wondering about the changes in each release take a look here: changelog



  • Ally and enemy frames (ally frames support mouseover macros)
  • Supports Clique for ally frames
  • Assists you with target calling
  • Can notify you when you are targeted in a rated battleground
  • Supports 40 man BGs
  • Subprofiles for enemies/allies (both have subprofiles for BG size) 
  • Test mode which makes it easy to configure the addon even when not in a BG
  • Profile support
  • Shows CC and Interrupts on the Spec icon
  • Custom mouse binding macros for left, right and middle click
  • Smart unitID management, this ensures health, power and range update as good as possible.
  • Supports OmniCC Cooldown Count
  • DR Tracking
  • Displays buffs and debuffs
  • Displays which anti crowd control pvp talent an enemy uses (Adaptation, Relentless, Gladiator's Medaillon)
  • Tracks Racials such as Every Man for Himself, Arcane Torrent, Warstomp
  • Option to convert cyrillic characters into romanian letters
  • Shows Objectives such as flag, orbs and minecart carriers
  • Shows respawn timers in RBG.
  • Higher transparency when out of set Range.
  • Option to hide Arenaframes in a battleground
  • Dynamic positioning for objectives/respawn timers, DRs and your Debuffs
  • Lots of options for customization

Default Settings:

  • Left-Click to target the enemy
  • Right-Click to set enemy as focus


Planned features:

  • Adding an option to show familar icons for DR Tracker  


 Currently translated into:

  • English
  • German
  • Korean, thanks to yuk6196 
  • Russian, thanks to stalker19921
  • Simplified Chinese, thanks to supercclolz
  • Traditional Chinese, thanks to gaspy10

Feel free to contribute to this addon by translating with curseforge's localization tool:




Check out the FAQ at or simply ask on curseforge or Github :)



Feel free to send feedback about missing features or bugs in the Curse comment section or via ticket on Curseforge or GitHub


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