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42,583 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0

Due to recent API changes, there is A LOT of work we still have ahead of us.
As such this description might not be 100% up to date.
In contrary to some other addon developers, w
e rather get you the updates first and tell you how amazing we think we are after.

RareUtility is an addon that provides some utility for rares. Highly inspired by the multitude of addons that most of us used on The Timeless Isles, Mist of Pandaria. We started writing this because there were no functioning add-ons at all for announcing rares to chat. We are very inexperienced in Lua, and in script languages in general, so we are not the best for this job, yet thus far we are one of the most unique addons for hunting, farming and announcing rares, and we don't expect to stop bringing out more of that functionality.

Bugs, Features and Questions;     AzerPUG Discord
You can of course post all of the above here! We will try to react as quickly and thoroughly as possible and help you with your issues or answer your questions. However, AzerPUG is a gaming community and we will probably react a lot quicker on our discord server. There is a special channel for this, of course! 

Currently Implemented;
- List of rares, coloured specifically to Killed or not and if all Mounts / Pets / Toys / Blueprints / Paint Vials have been collected or not.
- Timers to indicate when the next spawn of a rare should be. Keep in mind these numbers are dependant on the number of people on your shard!
- A manual button that can be used in both Manual and Automatic mode.
- An automatic function for Rare Announcements, Death Announcements, Nazjatar Commanders and Summons of the Depths Announcements
- TomTom Arrow integration if you click the name of a rare. (Multi-location rares not supported yet.)
- Spam reduction, we currently have 0 reports of people getting silenced or banned.

Working on;
- Bug fixes. ALWAYS. We strive to have no bugs on release, to actually acknowledge all the issues and solve them instead of just removing the comments.
- Adding the rares from Darkshore and Arathi Highlands.
- Constant HP updates in the addon, when a rare is alive, so you know, more or less, if you can make it or not.
- Timer announcements in chat, when you click a timer. To help others know to go somewhere if a rare is about to spawn!
- RareName MouseOver frame popup with what it drops and what the spawn mechanics are (Standard timer, summon, or only on certain days...)
- Customization options. Resizable frame, Background colour, Minimum HP% for announcements, Dropdown to easily switch to other zones.
- Spam reduction, although we currently have none of the problematic reports, we want to keep it that way as well!

In the game, you can type "/rareutil help" to display all the commands available!

Special gratitude;
Daeymien; A lot of bug fixes, ideas and even pieces of code that I could directly implement!
Melroy_vn; A very specific help-function that actually solved some problems.
TecEraser; Setting up basic Localization with me, and a part of the German Localization.
Selthi; A part of the German Localization.
Darkquantum; Russian Localization.
RyFtheGameReaveR; French Localization.


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