AzerPUG's DragonRider

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Description and Features

AzerPUG's DragonRider remakes the Vigor icons and Vigor regeneration bar and puts it on the screen, providing you with a way to get this information, even when not actively on a Dragon Riding mount. Sadly this is needed because the game native Vigor icons and Vigor regeneration bar are hidden by the game as soon as you are no longer mounted.
There is a lot more functionality and Quality of Life coming, check back on CurseForge regularly to see if an update is ready!

Requests Implemented

  • Fix colors to last update (Blue vs White).
  • Option to hide when not on DragonRiding Mount and Full Vigor.
  • Option to hide side wings.
  • Add DragonGlyph locations on Map.
  • Remove obtained DragonGlyphs on map dynamically.
  • Option to hide in non-DragonRiding Zones.
  • Option to scale.

Features Suggested Comming Soon™

  • Option to use minimalistic GUI instead.
  • Track Pitch.
  • Track Speed.
  • Add Dragon Race locations.
  • Add Dragon Race log (records and requirements for silver/gold).
  • New Dragon Glyphs and Races for 10.0.7.

Bugs, Errors, Glitches and Requests.

If you find any of the above, please do not hesitate to create a GitHub Issue here: https://github.com/AzerPUG/DragonRiding/issues
Or you can join our Discord and let us know in the AzerTech channel: http://www.azerpug.com/discord
Please note that our Discord Verification level prevents new people from talking/commenting/ranking in the first 10 minutes!

AzerPUG Links

Custom AddOn

Are you looking for a custom AddOn? Did you use an AddOn that is no longer being developed? Do you want an existing AddOn to change?
You can comission us to do some programming for you through Fiverr here: https://www.fiverr.com/arcodielhof

Preferred Download Method

If you care for any of our AddOns, please consider downloading them through either of the following two methods.
These two download methods are the only ones that actually support the authors that created them and their hard work!

CurseForge Website: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/azerpugs-core/files
CurseForge Application: https://curseforge.overwolf.com/- -