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Adds more rules to ArkInventory for bag sorting! Based on the ideas behind ArkInventoryRules and ArkInventoryRules_GoodForMe. Rules are centered around gear upgrades and transmogrification collection.

New Rules

classgear() or cg()
Includes all gear that your class can wear, removing gear that is class restricted. Including ring, trinket, and neck
All gear that has an appearance that can be learned for transmogrification. Does not include ring, trinket, neck, or items with a quality of white or lower or things that can not be learned via transmogrification.
Account wide check for transmogrification appearances that you already know. Due to server delay on learning appearances, I recommend also using CanIMogIt to validate that the appearance has been learned.
Compares the item level of the equippable item with currently equipped items. If the item level of the item in your bag is the same or higher or if you do not have something equipped, it will return as TRUE. Works on rings, trinkets, and neck pieces as well. This rule is hit or miss. WoW and ArkIntentory API's sometimes return the incorrect item level as of patch 7.0.3. This is due to the fact that nearly all items now scale. In the future I may move to a raw stat check for this rule.
playeruse() or pu()
Checks that the item is usable by the player. Will discern from gear that has class restrictions, profession requirements, etc. Works on all items, including tier tokens, glyphs, recipes, class specific gear, or gear that is too high level.



tmog() and not sb() and not collected() and classgear()
  • Transmog worthy items in your inventory that you haven't collected that this character can learn.


tmog() and not sb() and not collected() and not classgear()
  • Transmog worthy items in your inventory that are not soulbound and not yet learned on your account and should be sent to another character to learn.


tmog() and sb()
  • Gear that you have already learned the appearance of, or gear that is soulbound to the current character and cannot be used by the character. i.e. gear that can be safely vendored


upgrade() and cg()
  • Potential upgrades for your class only


not pu() and sb()
  • Things that your character is restricted from due to level, class, profession, etc. that is soulbound and could be vendored (i.e. Tier Tokens for other classes)


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