14,797 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 22, 2021 Game Version: 2.5.1

By now, most data is gathered in game, except specs of leatherworking and weapon smithing. 


for the 60era: For the eariest version, data is fetched from old version of AtlasLootClassic by Lag123 or AtlasLoot Enhanced by Lag123

for the 70bcc: Data is generated in game or crawler


An enhanced tradeskill frame. Support alaTrade, Auctionator, AuctionFaster or AuctionMaster, AUX. 


Command:  [ Config window includes settings of all commands ]

/atf set expand on/off           toggle between wide and normal window

/atf set blz style on/off         toggle between blz style and flat style

/atf set price info on/off        toggle price above materials
/atf set rank on/off                 toggle rank above materials
/atf set tip item on/off            toggle price on tooltip of crafted item
/atf set tip spell on/off           toggle price on tooltip of tradeskill spell
/atf set tip recipe on/off         toggle price on tooltip of recipe or formula
/atf set tip learned on/off      toggle show characters learned or not learned on tooltip of reipce or formula

/atf set tip default on/off        toggle tooltip of wow's default skill list

/atf set style on/off                another appearance

/atf set regular expression on/off    toggle whether to use regular expression for searching

/atf set show call on/off       toggle the button on the top right ('Close' or 'Show')

/atf set show tab on/off         toggle the tradeskill bar to the top of the tradeskill frame

/atf set portrait on/off            toggle the dropdown menu when clicking the portrait in tradeskill frame
/atf set hide mtsl on/off         toggle hide ui of mtsl
/atf set show board on/off    toggle cd board
/atf set lock board on/off       lock/unlock cd board

Including features:


1. List learned and unlearned skills in the TradeSkillFrame and CraftFrame.

2. Show the ranks of learning, turning yellow, turning green, turning grey.

3. Show source of the recipe: trainer, vendor or dropped by mob, eg.

    If you also use MissingTradeSkillLists, it will display more information.

4. Calculate cost and price if you use any one of alaTrade, Auctionator, AUX, AuctionFaster or AuctionMaster.

  This feature supports skill in the TradeskillFrame and CraftFrame, items and recipes in the bag, bank, auction, mailbox, chatframe, lootframe, tradeframe.

5. Auto filter enchant skills when equipable item put in the tradeframe or shift click equipable item with CraftFrame shown.

6. A profit frame aside TradeFrame and CraftFrame.

    It can list items that you can earn money by crafting it. And sort by earned money.

   It can also display cost price only.  You will known how to rank up your skill.

7. Save skills learned by all your characters. You can explore and filter it in a standalone window. The window can also display earned money.

8. Add skills to favorite. Skills in favorite list will be listed in the top.

9. Display cooldown of tradeskill, including Mooncloth, Arcanite, Essence Transferring, Cured Rugged Hide.

    It can also be intergrated with alaCalendar



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