59,741 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 22, 2021 Game Version: 1.13.7

A lightweight chat ulitiy for wow classic. LOW cpu & ram cost.


· Short channel name.([1.G][2.T][3.D][4.L][G][P][W])

· Chat pic emote in chatframe.

· Color name by class in chatframe.  NOTE: ElvUI handle chat frame by itself.This line dont take effect.

· Copy chat msg(click timestamp or "**" before msg in chatframe).Disabled by default.    NOTE: ElvUI handle chat frame by itself.This line dont take effect.

· Channel switcher bar.

· Additional button including ROLL, count down(need DBM or Bigwigs),party or raid ready check).

· Welcome new guild member and broadcast new member's information[both default disabled]

· Show hyperlink of item in the channels "General" and "LookingForGroup", hyperlink of spell in all channels sent by another addon user [default enabled]

· Show level of guild member in chat frame.(Disabled by default. This may take a bit more ram)

· Stat report.

· Chat filter

· Highlight key words


Post me at curseforge if u find any bug~ty





· 短频道名([1.综][2.交][3.防][4.组][会][队][密])

· 聊天表情(大脚聊天表情)

· 按照职业着色角色名  NOTE: ElvUI 自己处理聊天框,这个功能不会作用

· 聊天消息复制(点击时间戳或者聊天消息前的**)NOTE: ElvUI 自己处理聊天框,这个功能不会作用

· 聊天频道条

· roll、倒计时(通过dbm或者bigwigs)、就位确认按钮

· 欢迎新工会成员、通报新工会成员信息【默认关闭】

· 在使用本插件的玩家之间,显示“综合”和“寻求组队”频道物品链接 和 所有频道的技能链接【默认关闭】

· 在聊天名字中显示公会成员的等级

· 属性通报

· 聊天过滤

· 关键词高亮




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