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Tradeskill Tracker Info:

Tradeskill Tracker is the latest module in development for the GTAS Suite (GTAS:GuildRosterTools here).

Use /tt to open the window to see a summary of the data collected by Tradeskill Tracker. 

Tradeskill Tracker aggregates all of your recipes from your currently active profession(s) into a pre-formatted, tabular format with lots of extra data about your list so you can easily convert it and upload it to your website, your guild's website, or import it into your favorite spreadsheet program you share with your friends or guild mates.

Currently, the mod will write your current recipe list as an xml file in C:/Users/<your computer username>/AppData/Roaming/NCSOFT/Wildstar/AddonSaveData/<randomlookingletters>/<server name>/<character name>/TradeskillTracker_0_Char.XML that you can convert to a csv using an XML to CSV converter.


ATTENTION:  We need datasets to test our server-side code for the trader's board.  Please send me a PM if you are interested in submitting data for the alpha/beta testing.

Updates (newest first):


  • Updated to API 9
  • Added GuildName tag to the MetaData to allow organizing crafters by their guild.


  • Continued refactoring and rewriting for server-side code.
  • My apologies if you are using the xml for one of your projects.  Please send me a PM and I'll see what we can work out.  We had to encode the data to reduce the file size and to lower load demands on our server.
  • We have our server in an alpha state.  If you are interested in uploading data for us to test, please sent me a PM so I can send you instructions on sending the data to us.  We may be able to proceed to beta testing server-client interactions within the next 10 days or so if we have 10-20 alpha testers.


  • Pushed some changes to table formatting for server-side code


  • Additional formatting changes for server-side code.


  • Refined output data
  • Expanded details exported for sub-recipes that are components of top-level recipes
  • Runecrafting recipes at Tier 1 Runecrafting have been removed from tracking, as they are widely available, and bloat the data for no reason (if you have higher level or unique runecrafting recipes, and they're not showing up in the data, please post a comment or report the issue through PM.  We want to include higher tiered Runecrafting recipes, so if there's a problem with them showing up, we need to know). 
  • /tt window will now show a summary of all tradeskills saving data to output
  • Fixed error in CategoryId field
  • Removed unnecessary details from recipe variations
  • Changed name of "RequiredRecipes" to "RecipeVariations" to better match practical use
  • There are still lots of global variables, this affects performance, but I still need to be able to see what is happening under the hood when there are issues.  Optimization will occur with each update.
  • Server-side code is entering the test phase.  If you are interested in providing a copy of your data, please send a PM to me and I'll get in touch with how to do so.  We need data to finalize our server-client comms, so we'd certainly appreciate volunteers.  It takes about 3-5 minutes, or less, to send a copy of your data


  • Added a temporary RNG to generate unique ID's in preparation for server deployment.  This will later be replaced by a Profile ID generated for each character linked to an account in the online crafter's library.  This change is primarily intended for internal development of the server back end.


  • Tentative compatibility fix for Hephaestus users (it may still have errors, but I don't think so).
  • Actually uploaded the file with the typo corrected.
  • Reorganized exported data save file to assist with XML structure and .csv conversion. Sub-sections are now "Trades" (details about each tradeskill known), "Recipes" (Detailed recipe info sorted by the tradeskill that makes them, active tradeskills only to reduce filesize), and "MetaData" (detailed information about this export instance of saved data). 


  • Fixed typo in Expert Research skill tier label.


  • /tt now provides a summary list of the data that is being collected by Tradeskill Tracker. This data is still only stored locally, as the client to upload the data to the server is not complete yet.
  • The display window now remembers where you left it. Use Interface Options > Window to change, disable, or reset the window options.


  • Added a number of low-level details to the dataset.
  • Added additional metadata for indexing datasets.


  • Fixed the errors on loading in a fresh start of game client


  • Potential fix for error on initial load (nope, still there : /, still have to reloadui as soon as you get the error).
  • Added additional tradeskill tracking for active and inactive tradeskills


  • Initial release


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