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Open (Yet)AnotherSCT with /yasct, /YASCT, or using Carbine's Interface menu.

With permission of the previous author (Ibonok), (Yet)AnotherSCT is a continuation of AnotherSCT, based on the Carbine Addon FloatText.


  • Choose the Color, Size and Font of all outgoing and incoming Heal and Damage.
  • Set minimum displayed values for outgoing damage, as well as incoming and outgoing damage.
  • Disable display of shield damage done to enemies
  • Set a marker to highlight your critical hits (I use !)
  • And more!

Future Plans:

  • Add the ability to set the anchor points of displayed combat text.  Be able to set your damage taken at your feet, your incoming healing at your head, and anything else anywhere in between.
  • Add the ability to blacklist for Crowd Control effects that you do to enemies.  Some people don't like seeing "Stun" 15 times every time they cast it.  I can understand that.  I intend to provide options to disable display of items on the blacklist.
  • Explore displaying timers next to CC'd or vulnerable enemies, so you can see how much time is left on the vulnerability or crowd control.
  • Allow more options for scrolling text animations.  Maybe you want them to go up instead of down.  Maybe you like happy rainbows.  Maybe you like your text to quickly move away from your player, but to slow down significantly as it falls away and fades out.
  • This is by no means a concrete plan, but a general overview of the direction I am headed with this addons over time.

I need your help:

There were comments on the previous incarnation of this mod saying there were problems that needed to be fixed. Please let me know what those problems are, so I can get to work on them. As of now, this mod has been updated to the current API version (9) as I explore the comments and bug reports.


The ColorPicker Addon is required
Thanks to CasstielCupcake

Changelog: (newest changes first)


  • Added "Merge Mode" for incoming and outgoing damage.  This merges all damage and healing into single line feeds to the left and right of the player.  Any damage or heals that come IN to the player are shown on the left of the player, and damage or heals TO the player's target are shown on the right of the player.
  • By default, "Merge Mode" moves text down from the anchor point toward the bottom of the screen.  There is an option to "Invert" each feed of information.  Inverting the merged text will cause it to move up from the point of origination toward the top of the player's screen.
  • I might recommend Inverting Outgoing Damage and Heal combat text so that it moves "away" from the player toward the top of the screen and leaving Incoming Damage and Heal combat text set normal so that it moves "toward" the player to the bottom of the screen.  However, it's up to you how what feels good.


  • Another fix for error ...lua:1263.  Tested extensively in battlegrounds.  Appears to be currently working.  Please continue to report errors with lua:1263.  I don't need the whole error log, just where you were, what you were targeting, what you were doing.


  • Rolled back to a previously working version, with a minor adjustment that may help with compatibility with AchievementTooltips.  However, this is as much as I will be doing to accommodate that author, as going any further to help his addon be compatible breaks this one.  So, I hope it works for those of you that are using both addons, but his code is really outside of my scope to fix (since I'm not the author of that mod).
  • Fixed a problem with user settings saving and loading to/from the account level.  If this wipes your settings, I'm sorry.  I won't be fiddling with this part of the code again, I just had to fix something from the rollback.


  • Added corrections for enemy size.  Enemies taller than the screen height will generate floating text at their feet.  Enemies more than 80% of the screen height, but less than 100%+ of the screen height will generate combat text in their chest area.  Enemies less than 80% of the screen height will continue to generate combat text above their nameplate bars.  This should also be dynamic, so as you move or scroll your camera, positioning of combat text will adapt.
  • Also made adjustments to the placement and animation of XP awards, Elder Gems gained, tradeskill up, path XP, etc.
  • Fixed a miscalculation error in locating the position of enemy overhead anchors.
  • Attempt to reduce conflicts with Achievement Tooltips mod.  I had to remove a big chunk of code out of the package, so there's a chance that this will still fire errors in AchievementTooltips (the error occurs around line 171 or 172.  If so, please let me know, since I don't actually play the game that often (too busy writing addons), so I don't get achievements very often.
  • I've noticed that I'm not seeing incoming damage like I used to.  If anyone else is noticing that, let me know.  It may be a local setting that is acting strange, or I may have broken something.  If you're not seeing incoming damage or healing like you expect to, report that as well, please.



  • Changed settings to account level so your configuration will carry across all characters.  If too many people complain about this, then I may try to give an option to allow either Character or Account.  I don't really want to do that, so don't complain :P


  • Started preliminary work on floating text containment on damage and healing output.  In the current state, the numbers go straight up from the target's nameplate.  Numbers will deviate a bit from left to right instead of overlapping and making everything unreadable.  I'm trying to work on some shape profiles for these numbers (arcs, waterfalls, etc), but I'll have to do these one frame at a time to make minor adjustments for smooth shape animations.  This will take time.  I will probably release 1 new shape at a time, as I finish them.  For now, we get boring animations that are clean instead of splattering all over the place.


  • Incoming damage and healing to player has set to drop vertically toward the bottom of your screen.
  • Some constraints have been added to keep damage done to enemies more contained and not all over the place.
  • Future development will be focused on adding more variety to how damage and healing are displayed in the game world.  I does not appear that the position of the actual scrolling combat text window is moveable.


  • Added minimum threshold values for incoming and outgoing healing
  • Also had to fix some bugs that I didn't find in initial testing (let me know if you find more)
  • Added an option to "General Settings" to change or remove the critical hit marker.  Delete the character to remove the marker, or set any character or string to identify your crit.
  • Crit marker, when used, will be displayed on the upper right hand corner of the scrolling combat text
  • Corrected an error in setting fonts that would result in outgoing damage font being controlled by the outgoing healing font, and setting outgoing healing fonts wouldn't do anything. 


  • Initial conversion from AnotherSCT to (Yet)AnotherSCT
  • Added option to disable display of damage done to enemy shields.
  • Added minimum display value for damage done to enemies. Set this in the outgoing damage options, and any value below this amount will not be shown. You will need to adjust this value as you level up, obviously. By default the value is set to 0, which will show all values.
  • Coming soon: Same option for healers to set minimum heal values that will be displayed.
  • Updated to API 9.


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