Auto Follow Helper

3,157 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 20, 2014 Game Version: API 9

Auto Follow Helper is designed to give players additional options to follow other players.  It's not always convenient or easy to type in the middle of combat or running around.  Sometimes you just want to click on someone, push a button, and BAM! 

My favorite use of this mod?  When I'm looking for a quest npc and can't find them.  I type /tar <part of the name of the thing I can't find> and then hit the Auto-follow button.  My character starts walking in the correct direction!

That's what this mod does.

Use /afshow and /afhide to show and hide the button.  The button is moveable so you can reposition it wherever you want.


Updates (newest first):


  • Added location saving for the button.  It will now stay where you put it.
  • Button is shown only when you have a target selected


  • fixed a couple of typos that were causing errors.
  • moved the starting position for the button near the default target frame 


05/31/14: Initial release


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