Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: API 9


May 10, 2014

Owner: DurvegTL

WhisperCatch is inspired from the WoW add-on TellTrack. It keeps a record of all incoming account and normal whispers in a window allowing you to quickly reply to a recent message with the click of a button.

  • Sorts most recent tell at the top of the list

  • Shows new tells in red and replied tells in green

  • Counts number of received tells sense you last replied

Known Bugs:
  • Opening a new chat window while already having another chat window open, not including the main chat, will cause the text to clip into the new box. Clicking into another tab and back will fix the display issue while I look for a permanent fix.

  • The show/ hide button is only visible when viewing the main chat window

  • For unknown reasons, when receiving a tell the name in the list is sometimes displayed as just the number of messages missed. 

Recent Changes:
    • Added compatibility with ChatFixed.

    • Window will now be hidden on load and show itself when a new message appears. The show Hide button still works to show the window at anytime and move it.

    • Window now is only shown when there is a name in the list.

  • 0.3.3
    • Changed name to WhisperCatch

    • Fixed an issue with the new chat box not catching the main chat window display settings. Will now keep the opacity of the main chat in the new window.

    • Changed the color of account whisper tells to be a little more readable


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