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If it is not already obvious, I am no longer updating this add-on. I stopped playing Wildstar back in mid July due to most of my guild leaving the game and with other real life issues going on I just have not had the drive to continue working on this add-on. I am sorry to everyone still playing, and using this, that there are bugs I never worked out or that showed up after my last update. If there is anyone out there who would like to continue working on this add-on for the community you can send me a PM and I can add you to the developer list. - Durveg


InstantQuestAccept skips all quest dialog. If you have any interest in reading the quest lore do not install this add-on. If you are looking for an alternate quest dialog system, try out my other add-on ClassicQuestDialog.

  • Auto accept and complete any quest, skipping all NPC dialog.

  • If there is a quest reward to choose, pauses the auto turn in to let the player pick their reward.

  • Accept and complete all quests from any NPC on interaction. (Default)

  • Only accept or complete the specific quest clicked in the quest selection window.

Known bugs: 
  • Reported bug where the quest will not complete or allow reward choices to be picked.

    • WORK AROUND ADDED: Holding Alt and Shift will open the quest with the default dialog system. Still working on a permanent fix for the issue.

    • Question for the people with this issue, does it occur every time you are required to choose a reward or only occasionally.

Recent Changes:
  • 1.4.5
    • Added work around for the turn in issue people are having. Holding Alt and Shift on interaction will open the quest with the default dialog system. This requires the Carbine "Dialog" add-on to be running so make sure to check that.

    • The reward will now save its location on re-log. A location reset button has been added to the options window in case the window is moved off screen.


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