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Mar 15, 2014

Owner: DurvegTL

If it is not already obvious, I am no longer updating this add-on. I stopped playing Wildstar back in mid July due to most of my guild leaving the game and with other real life issues going on I just have not had the drive to continue working on this add-on. I am sorry to everyone still playing, and using this, that there are bugs I never worked out or that showed up after my last update. If there is anyone out there who would like to continue working on this add-on for the community you can send me a PM and I can add you to the developer list. - Durveg


ClassicQuestDialog replaces the default, floating text box, quest delivery system with a standard single UI window like in WoW. This includes easier to read text with a larger font.
  • All of the quest dialog/ flavor text displayed in one window (Can be turned off in settings)

  • Summary of quest in window

  • Auto open the first quest on an NPC when only one to display (Can be set to always open the first quest on an NPC)

  • Allows Keybinding use to interact with quests.

  • 6 different font sizes

  • FR and DE translation, thanks to Cacahuete586, TomberyPhoenix and FitzFuchs.
Known Issues:
  • A bug has been reported where the accept button will randomly stop working. I am currently unable to reproduce this bug so if anyone can find it and get me steps let me know.

  • Font size does not apply to quest selection or reward buttons, will be working to fix this later

  • Holding down the a mouse button or movement button when opening a quest while using the keybinds will cause those buttons to be held down until the window closes. This will cause your character to continue running away from the quest giver. 

Recent Changes:
  • 2.2
    • Added new style to the window. Changeable in the settings window.

    •  New window style has two opacity settings.

    •  Added FR and DE localization, thanks to Cacahuete586 and FitzFuchs for translating. (May be a bug where characters with accents above them are not shown. This could just be an issue with the NA client however.)

    •  Added compatibility with the InstantQuestAccept turn in work around. 

  • 2.1.3
    • Added Keybindings! Current defaults are set as:

      • F: Accept

      • G: Decline

      • W: Scroll Up

      • S: Scroll Down

    • Keybindings can be set to all numbers and letters as well as Page UP/ Down for scrolling if wanted.

    • The "Allow keybinding use" setting must be enabled to use keybindings as well as set the keybinds.

    • Current quest selection or reward keybinds are set as #1-0 but I will be looking into allowing these to be changed at a later point after launch.


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