Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: API 9


Jul 20, 2014

Owner: BlazzBolt

This addon helps you create spiral staircases in your housing plot. It's based on the idea in this reddit post by /u/Proven_Paradox.


  • Open with /spiralstairs
  • Place down the central pillar and the first step of the staircase and input their values into the main window by using the Advanced Controls panel
  • Input your desired change in height and change in rotation per step
  • Place down your stairs with the given values, checking them off as you go.


  • Mathematical magic!
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise!
  • Rotational offsets!
  • Check off stairs as you go so you don't lose your place in the list!

Thanks for checking out my addon! I'm Blazz on Warbringer


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