Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: API 9


Jul 7, 2014

Owner: BlazzBolt

This addon lets you input guild names and when a member of one of those guilds appears, you are alerted in chat.


  • Use /guildgrudge or the interfaces button to open the addon window
  • Add in guilds by name, optional note can be included.
  • When members of that guild appear nearby, you will be told in chat their guild, name, and class
  • Additional options for auto-rivaling any member of that guild, reporting to /party chat, and playing a sound.
  • 1.1: One minute timer for alerts about the same person.
  • 1.2: Target an enemy player and the next time you go to add a guild to your list, their guild name will be auto-filled in the name box.

Known Issues:

  • If a player goes in and out of range repeatedly, the chat reports can become spammy, as well as with stalkers going in and out of stealth. I have a planned timer to fix that, but it is not in yet. Now on a 1 minute timer.
  • Let me know here if there are any other issues

Potential future additions:

  • Distance/direction indicator is not going to happen. I tried it, and the UnitCreated event parameter usually says an enemy player is at position (0,0) so I won't be able to get reliable information for this. If anyone has any workarounds, let me know.
  • Detecting if a guild input is an actually existing guild or not. Currently when you add a guild to the list, it just accepts it. I have not found a way to check if the guild name exists or not.
  • When in your capitol city, any enemy player will trigger an alert, regardless of guild.
  • During development, a guildie mentioned that any guild that is "_____ Gaming" is probably all assholes anyway, so maybe I'll put an option to handle any guild of that pattern. Probably not though, I just thought it was funny.

Thanks for checking out my addon, I'm Blazz on Warbringer.



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