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'SAS' (Switch Action Set) is a 'LAS' switcher with option to auto switch 'LAS' with specifc 'Event' or 'State'...



  • 'SAS' button to switch 'LAS'..
  • Switch 'LAS' with click (Cycling).
  • Current Action Set number visible.
  • Auto Switch 'LAS' with a 'ER' (Emergency) option.
  • Auto Switch 'LAS' for PVP or PVE.
  • Auto Switch 'LAS' with a specific 'STANCE'.
  • With 'Link' option, 'STANCE and 'LAS' can be link in both way.
  • Switch by slash command (Cycling or specific 'LAS')
  • 'SAS' Button can be move anywhere..
  • Localisation for FR/EN/DE.(Thanks to Sinaloit author of GeminiLocale Library)
  • Saved settings.




'SAS' Auto Switch 'Stance' preview.. 



 'SAS' Auto Switch 'ER' preview  







Download SAS, unzip into your WildStar addons directory...



How to use a specific 'LAS' for PVP or PVE ?

Just select the desired 'LAS' and set option with check PVP or PVE. If you are in 'LAS' 1 and if you want use 'LAS' 2 for PVP, it will automatically switch on 'LAS' 2 when you enter into a Battleground . Same for PVE, if you set 'LAS' 1 for PVE, after the Battleground it will automatically switch in 'LAS' 1. But if you have not 'LAS' associated with Auto switch does this happen nothing.

How to use a specific 'LAS' with a 'STANCE' ?

Just select the desired 'LAS' and set option with check a 'STANCE', then after each change of 'STANCE' set the 'LAS' partner will be used ..(Remember, work only if you are not in combat, cant switch LAS in combat)

How to switch 'LAS' ?

Just click to 'SAS' button, this a cycling switch..or use slash command.


How to switch 'LAS' with Macro?

Make a macro with /sas command, and use it. Without parameter this a cycling switch, with 'LAS' number you switch directly in desired 'LAS'..
Sample: /sas 2 (switch to Spe 2)




'SAS' have a restriction ?

Yes, you can only have one PVE and PVP Auto Switch set at same time for all 'LAS' available, or nothing set if you want..


How to use 'ER' ?

'ER' (Emergency Switch) is an original idea of Clotho, provide change of 'LAS' (spe heal) in case it is low in Health and therefore use heal abilities of the 'LAS'.
How it works ?, with 'SAS' you select the 'LAS' (spe heal), then the options you have an area named 'Switch by ER' check 'use Emergency' button and choose what health percentage you want that 'LAS' (spe Heal) be used.

Of course we cant change 'LAS' in combat, the maneuver is to come out of combat (Healer run very fast!). What 'SAS' is watch your health and if they are less than the percentage specified in 'ER' and you just get Out of Combat, switch to your spe heal.

If you activate 'Back..' option (toggle) you can set a Health % , when you reach the Health % the previous 'LAS' back

Example: You are in DPS 'LAS' and you have a HEAL 'LAS' set with 'ER', you fight !! you fight !!, and you are low in health, your run !! run !!, hop 'Out of Combat' come and 'ER' auto switch in your HEAL 'LAS', go full life with abilities and auto switch to previous DPS 'LAS'..





Version 1.5a U9 (19/08/2014)

  • Update to API 9.


Version 1.4a MissingT (25/06/2014)

  • Missing code resolved..


Version 1.3a HealCheck (24/06/2014)

  • Minor issue with 'unit' is nil resolved..


Version 1.2a Loci (29/05/2014)

  • 'SAS' full integration in new UI 2.0
  • Localisation for FR/EN/DE.(Thanks to Sinaloit author of GeminiLocale Library)
  • 'SAS' button can be move anywhere now (click at left button border and drag)..
  • With 'ER', slider to use 'Back' option have now always at minimum the % come from 'Emergency' slider..
  • Some code révised..


Version 1.1a Nui (25/04/2014)

  • 'SAS' integration in new UI 2.0
  • Some code révised..


Version 1.0a ERU (18/04/2014)

  • Updated to API 8
  • Emergency Update to work with new API 


Version 0.9a NoCount (26/02/2014)

  • Another Bug for 'SAS' counter not updated,resolved.


Version 0.8a ClothoRun (25/02/2014) 

  • Bug for 'SAS' counter not updated after (Warrior) 'Stance' switch, resolved. 
  • Add code for 'ER' Switch, if your class are 'Esper / Spellslinger / Medic' you see this new option..
  • Revised and Optimized code.


Version 0.7a ZSwitch (24/02/2014) 

  • PVE/PVP Auto Switch revised, work much better now. 
  • Now if your class are Esper / Spellslinger / Medic you see new option 'ER' instead of 'Stance' (Work in progress).
  • Added 'ER' (Emergency Switch) UI for Healer Class (not working at the moment, work in progress)
  • Added 'Link' option with 'Stance' (if actived, 'Stance' and 'LAS' can switch in two ways, always together)
  • Added tooltip with 'SAS' version in switch button. 
  • Added Slash command /sas to switch by Macro.
  • Revised and Optimized code.


Version 0.6a StanceS (20/02/2014)

  • Add 'Stances" option to use a specific 'Stance' with a selected LAS.
  • Revised and Optimized code ....
  • Removed Addon information from System chat.


Version 0.5a EnterSAS (19/02/2014) 

  • Optimized code....
  • Bug with 'LAS' sometimes not switch after enter in PVP Battleground, resolved.


Version 0.4a Anchor (16/02/2014)

  • Code Adjustment....
  • Click area to switch LAS adjusted.


Version 0.3a NoMore (13/02/2014) 

  • Revised code....
  • 'Swicth' label removed..


Version 0.2a BadSpe (13/02/2014) 

  • BUG with Bad index of LAS after log in resolved..
  • PVE switch actived..(all zone out PVP Battleground, Arena ..)


Version 0.1a FirstSas (13/02/2014) 

  • First rough..