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StanceS (Stance Switch) is a stance switcher for Warrior/Stalker/Engineer class...



  • Switch by Macro..
  • Macro parameter to ignore a Stance for Rollover
  • Rollover of Stance (just relaunch the macro for use next stance)


HOW TO use

Make a macro with /Stanceswitch command, and use it to rollover your stance.

Another slash command are..

  • /stanceswitch
  • /Ss
  • /ss

If you want dont use a specific stance you can add parameter to ignore it..
Sample: /Stanceswitch 2 (dont use the stance Stalker 'Lethal' for the rollover)

'STALKER' Stance ( 1 = Agile, 2 = Lethal, 3 = Evasive )

HOW TO install

Download StanceS, unzip into your WildStar addons directory...