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Prestige is an addon that will tell you how much you have PVP Prestige currency in unopened PvP bags from your Inventory / Bank / Mailbox


PvP Bag list supported: Calculation based on minimum Prestige from each PVP bag. 

  • Professional Mercenary's Payment
  • Contract Commission* (OLD version without 60 minutes Timer)
  • Contract Commission* (NEW 60 minutes Timer, you do OPEN else is DISAPPEAR) i do get ITEMID.
  • Glorious Walatiki Treasure Trove
  • Glorious Walatiki Prize Sack
  • Pristine Daggerstone Coffer*
  • Pristine Daggerstone Reliquary*
  • Galacticore Chest of the Oathbreaker
  • Galacticore Chest of the Bloodsworn
  • Warchest of the Defeated*
* all quality know.



  • Localised for EN/DE/FR.
  • Interface Menu Button.
  • Slash command.
  • Use slash command to Show Detailed information or only Summary (default).
  • Show Summary in Currency Window.
  • Multi Currency Window support (LUI Frames and ForgeUI Inventory used in same time).
  • Compatible with : 


How to USE

  • Click 'Prestige' Interface Menu Button to show Prestige Summary in Datachron Chat Channel.
  • Or use slash command /Prestige.
  • And add slash command option detail or d to show Detailed information , /Prestige detail.
  • You can also see the Summary in Currency Window
  • Prestige can be requested everywhere, you do not need to open Inventory / Bank / Mailbox.


Chat Summary PREVIEW


Chat Detailed PREVIEW


Currency Window PREVIEW