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In chat, changes names that use too many CAPS, to lower-case version of their name. e.g. "JOHN" would become "John". Also when no capital is used, the first letter is capitalized, e.g. "john" would become "John".

(Just like the people in chat that use all caps as their name, this addon is... Not That Special.)


Names of people in chat, that have either:
- no caps at all, e.g. "john"
- too many caps (more than 2), e.g. "JOHN" or "JOhN"
will be properly capitalized name: "John"


This addon does not replace the default Carbine ChatLog addon, it hooks into it.
It is also compatible with ShortChannelNames (tested).
In theory it should be compatible with other ChatLog addons, such as BetterChatLog, ImprovedChatLog or ChatAdvanced (but I have NOT tested this).


Thanks to Conjuro for helping me get started with hooks.
For dealing with multiple possible ChatLog replacements, I took inspiration from ShortChannelNames.


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