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Since the introduction of last names, whispering people by their full name annoyed me so much I decided to make "Nicknames" to solve the problem. It basically has one feature:

When you /w, /join, /invite nickname it will look up nickname in your list of nicknames,
and then automatically replaces it to /w, /join, /invite Firstname Lastname

To configure the list of nicknames, type /nicknames or /nn

You can enter series of nicknames without using the mouse by:
+ using Ctrl + N (release Ctrl before pressing N). This will act as if you clicked "New"
+ use keyboard to fill the fields, use Tab to jump to the next field
+ in the last field (Last name), use "Enter / Return" to complete the action

Alternatively, you can use the command: /nn set nickname Firstname Lastname

Development disclaimer:
This addon works with the default Carbine ChatLog. It has not been tested whether it works together with other ChatLog-replacement addons.
There will be no extra functionality implemented. The only possible reasons for an update would be "bug-fixes" or "compatibility with ChatLog-replacement addons". The theory is that some ChatLog-replacement addon will make "Nicknames" redundant in the near future.


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