8,128 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 14, 2015 Game Version: API 9

'MatchQis an option for automatically relaunch queue after a PVP Match for your group or yourself with PVP Match already set in 'Group Finder' panel.



  • Activate 'MatchQ' by slash command (toggle).
  • Activate 'MatchQ' by new option button in 'Group Finder' panel (toggle).
  • Option 'Leave if finished' to leave automatically PVP instance.
  • Relaunch queue after 'Deserter" debuff.
  • Relaunch queue after 'Missed Call" for match ready.
  • Work in Solo mode or Group (in group you must be leader to join match with group selection).
  • Status  popup window.
  • Compatible with 'EasyMatchMaker' addon.
  • Localisation for FR/EN/DE (Thanks to Sinaloit author of GeminiLocale Library).




'MatchQ' Buttons preview..

In 'Group Finder' panel you see two new buttons (toggle) named 'Auto Match Queue' and 'Leave if finished',
After finish a PVP match, if all enabled, leave match and relaunch the queue for you..



'MatchQ' Buttons preview with 'EasyMatchMaker' addon..




 'MatchQ' Status preview ..





Enable or disable 'MatchQ' ?

  • Use the (toggle) button 'Auto Match Queue..' and set any Battleground/Arena,.
  • Use slash command (toggle) to enable or disable 'MatchQ'..


 At any time you can activate or not 'MatchQ',  it watch setting and relaunch queue only after the end of a PVP match and after zoning. 


 TO DO..

  • Whether group members can be queued (no 'Deserter' buff, allways inside PVP instance ect..)..
  • Add 'MatchQ' status information..
  • Relaunch queue after 'Missed Call' to enter.




Version 0.8a MissYou (13/02/2015)  

  • After 'Missed Call' to enter, the queue is relaunched.
  • 'Status' window show now the 'Match type' (Rated, etc..).
  • Added visual alert in 'Windows System Tray'  if match was found.



Version 0.7a EasyMatch (6/02/2015)


Version 0.6a DDay (19/08/2014)

  • 'Deserter' Debuff timer adjusted.
  • Update to API 9.


Version 0.5a NoEnter (23/06/2014)

  • 'Auto Enter' removed, now API forbidden to automatically enter in PVP Match.
  • Some code unused, removed.


Version 0.4a QLeave (10/06/2014)

  • Add 'Leave if finished' option, to auto leave at end match.
  • Minor change in UI artwork.


Version 0.3a QStatus (08/06/2014)


Version 0.2a MReady (09/05/2014)

    • Add option 'Enter if ready', with this you can quickly enter in PVP Match, no need to confirm.
    • Add 'Deserter" debuff detection, the Queue is relaunch at the end of the debuff.
    • Some code révised.


Version 0.1a FirstMatch (04/05/2014)

    • First rough..