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LUI Hold'em is the first and only Texas Hold'em Poker Addon for WildStar.

You can play poker against other players, just for fun, or for ingame gold. So put on your poker face and make some quick money! :)

Disclaimer: You and you only are responseable for losing ingame money. LUI Aura, nor the author or anybody else is responseable for your losses. By participating in a poker game for ingame money, you accept the risk of losing your money.


  • Type /poker to open the poker game lobby.
  • Press the LUI Hold'em Button on the MicroMenu (Main Menu) to open the option panel.


  • Supports ChatLib & ICCommLib as communication protocol
  • Automated BuyIn/Cashout via MailSystem
  • Support for GroupOnly or GuildOnly Tables


Special thanks to Scorp and Sculti for giving tons of feedback as well as everyone from Bloodpact for supporting me and be willing to participate in numerous beta tests. Thank you guys! <3

Poker is a complexe game and there are thousands of circumstances that may or may not can cause problems. So please don't hesitate to report any issue you stumple upon.

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Thanks, hope you like it and much fun with it.


Loui NaN