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This addon was made to make it easier for the lootmaster to distribute loot to the correct person. In our guild, everyone who needs an item has to link it into the chat and put "ms" for main-spec or "os" for off-spec behind it. The more people need an item, the messier it can get when just looking at the chat.


  • /lootalert (show/hide window)

LUI LootAlert puts all items linked in the party chat (and not yet distributed) into a separate, scale-able and move-able window and lists all players with need on that item next to it.

Additional Features:

  • Vote Mechanic (Require Assistance from your players with Raid-Assist)
  • Adjust Alignment/Direction (Left/Right,Up/Down)
  • Guild Rank Icons
  • Assign Items

Although you can assign items very comfortable via LUI_LootAlert it is not meant to replace your existing LootMaster Addon. It is highly recommended to use it in addition to LootSquid or any other LootMaster addon.